Mohammed Salem

PhD Student

PhD project: "Integrated Geophysical Interpretation and Reservoir Characterisation of Dahra Platform, Kotla Graben, and Amin High, West Central Sirt Basin, Libya."

Mohammed received BSc and MSc in Geophysics from University of Benghazi (ex. Garyounis). After graduation I was anonymously chosen among thirty applicants by the department for a teaching assistant position, and awarded a scholarship from University of Benghazi for PhD supported by dataset provided by AGOCO. I joined The University of Manchester 2013 to start a project aiming to understand the evolution of the west central part of Sirt Basin in the region of the Dahra Platform, the Amin High and the Kotla Graben using integrated 2D/3D seismic and data from 29 wells. The structure and tectonic evolution of the poorly known basin and the understanding the Influence of both rifting and tectonic inversion on both depositional system and oil charge using extracted seismic amplitudes to construct facies mapping were the main point of this research.

The PhD is supervised by Prof. Jonathan Redfern and Prof. Mads Huuse.

Mohammed working on his PhD dataset using the cutting-edge facilities of Basins Group at UoM.

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