Orrin Bryers

PhD project: "Early Cretaceous Integrated Stratigraphic Framework & Depositional Systems, Morocco"

Orrin attained his BSc in Geology at the University of Aberdeen before going on to complete an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience in Manchester. Following this, he worked on a project with NARG as a research associate, focussing on the Palaeozoic hydrocarbon potential in the Eastern Meseta of Morocco. Orrin then gained industry experience with a 3-month geoscience internship at Cairn Energy in Edinburgh as part of their Mexico Exploration team before beginning his PhD in July 2018.

The primary aim of this outcrop-based study is to build a biostratigraphic framework for the Berriasian to early Barremian intervals in the Essaouira-Agadir Basin using an integration of ammonite, calpionellid, foraminifera and C13/O18 isotope analyses. This will allow a deeper understanding of depositional, palaeogeographical and stratigraphic processes during the Early Cretaceous which in turn will provide further constraints on the understanding of potential deep-water reservoirs offshore on the Morocco Atlantic Margin.

Orrin in Morocco on the MSc fieldcourse.

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