Nawwar Al-Sinawi

PhD Student

PhD project: "Dolomitization of Jurassic carbonates in the Western High Atlas of Morocco: processes and implications for reservoir properties."

Nawwar has a bachelor degree in Applied Geosciences from the German University of technology in Oman and a master degree in Petroleum for Reservoir Development and Production from the University of Manchester. Her fields of expertise are sedimentology, diagenesis, carbonate petrography and petroleum geology.

Nawwar’s PhD project is funded by both Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and NARG. Nawwar aims to determine the distribution and origin of dolomite within the Jurassic facies of the Agadir- Essaouira Basin and assess its impact on reservoir properties.

“I did my MSc at the University of Manchester in 2014/2015 and appreciate the teaching received by my supervisors and the other faculty members. I was then granted a PhD and became a member of NARG in April 2016. Studying the dolomites in Morocco is of my interest and working with the NARG is adventurous and worthwhile”.

The PhD is supervised by Dr. Cathy Hollis,  Dr. Stefan Schroeder and Prof. Jonathan Redfern

Nawwar carrying out fieldwork at the breathtaking exposure of Jurassic reefs, Cap Ghir, Morocco.

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