Ian Mounteney

MPhil project: "Provenance of Cretaceous sandstones, Senegal Basin"

Ian joins NARG after graduating from the University of Derby with a BSc (Hons) in Geology. He is currently employed by the British Geological Survey; where he has spent the last 12 years working within mineralogy/petrology and analytical geochemistry.  He has an interest in heavy-mineral based provenance studies.

His project expands NARG’s current area of study further south along the African Atlantic margin into the Central Atlantic region currently of high exploration activity in the oil industry. Ian’s task will involve provenancing Cretaceous sediments from both onshore and offshore exploration wells drilled across Senegal. This work will link with Max Casson’s project to build a regional tectono-stratigraphic framework and aim to improve the stratigraphic resolution along the margin to better predict the timing and nature of clastic delivery and source rock development.

Ian’s MPhil will be undertaken part-time over 2 years, with a preliminary provenance study of approximately 50 samples taken from 6 wells across Senegal. A trip to Senegal is scheduled for Spring 2019 to collect further samples for analysis. With the potential to collect sediments from beaches and river terraces to compare the modern day source to sink systems to those back in the Cretaceous.

The PhD is supervised by Prof Jonathan RedfernDr Stefan SchroederProf Giovanni Bertotti and is working in close collaboration with Max Casson.

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