Prof Giovanni Bertotti

Professor of Applied Geology

Giovanni Bertotti

Giovanni Bertotti is Professor of Applied Geology at the Department Geoscience & Engineering of the Delft University of Technology (TUD). He was born in Italy where he did his studies until his "Laurea" in Earth Sciences obtained at the University of Pisa. His PhD Thesis on the Mesozoic rifting evolution of the Lombardian sector of the Southern Alps was supervised by D. Bernoulli and S. Schmid.

In 1991 Giovanni came to Amsterdam in the group of Sierd Cloetingh first as a post-doc, then as lecturer and, since 2001, as Associate Professor. During this period of time, Giovanni worked at strengthening field geological research and pushing forward the integration with the numerical modelling techniques being developed at the VU.

In recent years, Giovanni has developed new research lines focusing on the tectonics of Morocco, Turkey and the Tyrrhenian margins. He is increasingly interested in the quantitative aspects of geological field work.

Tel: +31 15 27 86033
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