Our research

Applied integrated regional geology and petroleum system research across Northern Africa, combining the strengths of partner universities, sponsor companies and in-country institutions.

The North Africa Research Group undertakes a wide range of research projects, as PhDs, PostDoctoral Research Projects or shorter studies. Sponsor companies are encouraged to be involved in the studies by helping to define the research challenges, providing data, supporting the students in the field, offering internships for the PhDs and participating in workshops that are held on a regular basis.

Our focus is the generation of new data and concepts, often driven by extensive fieldwork.

Research themes reflect the broad research interests of the universities and sponsor companies, and include:

  • Sedimentology;
  • Reservoir characterisation;
  • Digital outcrop and reservoir modelling;
  • Basin modelling and geochemistry;
  • Shale-gas and mudrock diagenesis;
  • Source to sink studies;
  • Sequence stratigraphy and regional chronostratigraphy; and
  • Deepwater systems.
Research by Theme
Research by Theme
Research projects catalogued by theme; reservoir characterization, source rock studies etc.
Research by Country
Research by Country
Research projects catalogued by country.
Research Projects
Research Projects
Integrated projects that involve multiple themes across countries.
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