Becoming a sponsor

This site offers restricted access for sponsors and collaborating Universities. Sponsors have access to reports, PhD theses, PowerPoint presentations, all publications and minutes of the NARG steering committee meetings.

How to become a Sponsor

We welcome enquiries about new sponsorship. Sponsors join initially for a period of 3 years, which can subsequently be renewed on an annual basis or for further 3-year periods. New company sponsors become full members of the group, with full rights on the Steering Committee and access to all previous and ongoing research. Sponsors are required to sign the Sponsors Contract, which is common to all participants.

Please contact us for further details.

Example field course

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Sponsorship allows companies to join a dynamic group leading research across the region, and benefitting from strong collaboration with local stakeholders.
  • Access the combined world-class research facilities of the University partners.
  • Ability to interact in a open research environment with other companies, in-country stakeholders and leading academics.
  • Sponsors help drive the direction of research by promoting new themes at the Steering Meetings and interacting with the researchers in an open and constructive environment.
  • Sponsors benefit from early access to the research being undertaken, well in advance of publication.
  • PhD students often undertake internships within sponsor companies, thereby improving dissemination of information and expertise.
  • The aim of the group is to publish all research in leading academic journals. Companies gain access to these results in advance as the research progresses, and also receive pre-prints of all papers.
  • Companies can also access interpreted data and field data, together with interim reports and studies (subject to availability - sample size etc).
  • Field locations and sample material etc. are incorporated into a GIS database.
  • NARG also undertakes workshops, both in sponsors' company offices and workshops open to the wider academic and industry community.
  • Field courses are organised for training. Courses have been held in Morocco, Libya and Canada exclusively for sponsor companies.
  • Full acknowledgement is given to the sponsor companies on any presentations made by the research group. The group aims to present research at leading conferences.
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