The research group has access to world-class facilities at the collaborating Universities and a full suite of industry standard software.

Facilities include:

Full geochemical and sedimentological laboratories, with:

Comprehensive analytical geochemistry facilities including:

Manchester also has analytical rigs for rock mechanics.

Both Manchester and Heriott Watt have modern petrophysical suites.

NARG also has a dedicated field GR, portable core drilling, LiDAR and DGPS.

The University of Manchester
The University of Manchester

Software includes:

Schlumberger Petrel. We are a Schlumberger centre of excellence and they donate 45 full Petrel licences for seismic interpretation, well log analysis and subsurface mapping.

VRGS (Virtual Reality Geological Studio). VRGS is a software application for dealing with digital outcrop data. VRGS was developed by NARG member Dr David Hodgetts to facilitate the processing, interpretation and modelling of LiDAR and other digital outcrop data types.

RocDoc. RokDoc is a tool used in the oil and gas industry for optimising exploration and development decisions. RokDoc gives interpreters access to rock physics, forward modelling, seismic inversion, geopressure, advanced quantitative reservoir analysis and geomechanics. It enables asset teams to maximise the value of available data and regional knowledge.

Oasis Montaj. Oasis montaj provides a scalable environment for efficiently importing, viewing, modelling, analysing and sharing large volume geophysical, geochemical and geological data, all within one integrated environment.

MATLAB. MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming.

Zetaware. Interactive Petroleum System Tools.

Genex and TemisPak basin modeling software. Beicip-Franlab provide two items of basin modeling software: GENEX (a 1D modeling package for PC workstations), and TemisPak (a 2D modeling package for Unix workstations).

Pertromod. PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software combines seismic, well, and geological information to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin. The software predicts if, and how, a reservoir has been charged with hydrocarbons, including the source and timing of hydrocarbon generation, migration routes, quantities, and hydrocarbon type in the subsurface or at surface conditions.

2D and 3D Move. The Move Suite provides a powerful structural modelling environment including data integration, 2D cross-section construction and 3D model building and is the base for the specialist structural modules for 2D and 3D kinematic, geomechanical, fracture, and sediment modelling, and stress analysis.

The University of Manchester
Petrel 2014 Geology and Modeling: Building Complex Models in Extensional and Compressional Settings.
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