Research by country

The North Africa Research Group (NARG) conducts multi-disciplinary research with a petroleum geoscience theme in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, and more recently extending to adjacent countries (Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Chad and Sudan).


Research in Algeria has largely been based on available subsurface data, looking at the regional stratigraphy and chronotratigraphy, basin modelling, and basin inversion studies in the Ghadames and Illizi basins.


Our research in Egypt has included:

  • Extensive fieldwork in the Sinai, using our LiDAR capabilities to examining the rift sequences and undertake reservoir characterization studies of the Eocene carbonates;
  • Linked fracture studies;
  • Work on the offshore Nile delta deep water depositional systems.


Libya had been an area of focus for a number of years. Research has included:

  • Extensive fieldwork undertaken along the coastal margin, Jeffara Nefusa, and also inland along the Murzuk/Ghadames Basin;
  • Examining the Ordovician Memouniat Fm, Carboniferous Mrar Fm and Early Cretaceous Messak Fm;
  • Studies on the main Tannezuft source facies;
  • Reservoir and source rock studies and basin modeling and diagenesis.

Current research focuses on using subsurface data, such as the ongoing PhD in the Sirt Basin (Kotla Graben).


A main area of activity for the group at present is examining the Atlantic margin petroleum systems. In co-operation with ONHYM we are undertaking an extensive research programme looking at Early Cretaceous depositional systems, undertaking extensive fieldwork of onshore outcrops, building towards a comprehensive source to sink study linked to an extensive offshore seismic mapping project. We are also conducting research on the Jurassic carbonate play.

Previous research includes:

  • Triassic sequences in the Argana Valley and High Atlas;
  • Silurian shale gas potential of the Tadla Basin and extensive fieldwork examining the Palaeozoics outcrops (Ordovician to Devonian) in the Anti-Atlas.


NARG has initiated work in the Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea Bissau-Conarky (MSGBC) Basin following the Atlantic margin petroleum systems south. One of the key countries NARG is focusing on is Senegal after signing an MoU with Petrosen (NOC) to begin evaluating Mesozoic depositional systems onshore and offshore through a data sharing agreement. 


Fieldwork undertaken across Tunisia included examining the Cretaceous stratigraphy and depostional systems. Also, our Source Rock Hunter project completed a detailed study of the Eocene Bou Dabbous source rock.

Adjacent countries

Collaborative links and research projects are being formulated to extend into adjacent North Africa countries, where equivalent and analogous depositional systems exist.

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