Dr Rémi Charton

Postdoctoral researcher

Remi Charton

Rémi graduated from the TUDelft (Netherlands) with a Ph.D. in Applied Geology. In previous years, he received a Bachelor's degree in Earth Sciences and a Master’s degree in Sedimentology from Dijon (France) and Tromsø (Norway) Universities. 

Based at the Technological University of Delft for his post-doctoral research, he is an active member of NARG. His current objectives are to develop and populate the NARG GIS database and to constrained source-to-sink systems and mechanisms linked to vertical movements in NW Africa with the help of Landscape Evolution Modelling tools. 

"I became a member of the NARG in January 2014, which was the first step of my PhD. Amongst all the advantages of being a NARG member, I am really thankful for the feedback from geologists from the international oil company sponsors, whilst giving presentations during steering meetings, the contact with a lot of excellent industry and academic geologists, and opportunity to join field trips in Morocco. We have a very collegiate group, working with all the other NARG PhD students, which I think creates an optimum environment to undertake PhD research."

His Ph.D. thesis, entitled ‘Phanerozoic Vertical Movements in Morocco’, is available at the following link:


Remi Charton

Rémi Charton looking for Early Cretaceous outcrops in Angel Arantegui's study area (Foum Drâa, Morocco; March 2014).

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