James Lovell-Kennedy

PhD project: "Assessing Local vs Regional Provenance, Upper Triassic Fluvial Deposits, Morocco"

James graduated from University College London in 2017 with a BSc in Earth Sciences and is currently completing an MSc by Research in Basin Analysis and Petroleum Geoscience as part of NARG at the University of Manchester.

The research is aiming to utilise provenance to identify the contributions of local and regional drainage systems to high quality reservoir sands on a basinal and a regional scale. The study will be focused on the Middle to Late Triassic fluvial sands across Morocco, building on previous work done by NARG in the Oukaimeden Basin, Central High Atlas, and expanding northwards to the Kerrouchen Basin, Middle High Atlas. The study will also incorporate core data from the Tendrara Field, Eastern Meseta, allowing for reconstruction of the Triassic drainage systems across Northern Morocco.

This study will be incorporated into the regional source to sink model NARG are developing for the Mesozoic of NW Africa. 

The MSc is supervised by Prof. Jonathan Redfern

James Lovell-Kennedy logging Fluvial Sands in the Kerrouchen Basin, Morocco.

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