Emmanuel Roquette

PhD Student

PhD project: "Provenance Study Early Cretaceous Morocco."

After a BSc of geology at the university of Bordeaux, Emmanuel graduated in 2016 from the university of Rennes with a MSc of geology applied to mineral and hydrocarbon exploration.

His research in NARG started in 2017, and is focused on assessing the impact of provenance and sedimentary processes (e.g. mixing, storage) on the calibre of sand ultimately delivered to a deepwater basin. The case study aims to establish the provenance of the Early Cretaceous succession exposed along the Atlantic margin of Morocco.

Emmanuel's research area is the Essaouira-Agadir Basin onshore along the coastal outcrops in Morocco.The ultimate aims are to integrate his findings with the extensive regional source to sink study we are carrying out throughout the Mesozoic of the Atlantic passive margin of NW Africa.

The PhD is supervised by Dr. Stefan SchroederProf. Jonathan RedfernDr. Shane Tyrell, and Prof. Giovanni Bertotti.

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