Angel Arantegui

PhD Student

PhD project: "Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco."

Angel has a bachelor and a master degree in geology, both awarded by the University of Zaragoza (Spain). He moved to Manchester and joined NARG in 2014 to start a project aiming to characterize the Early Cretaceous depositional systems in the Tarfaya Basin (Morocco).  

Understanding the controls, pathways and volume of sediment delivered to the basin is key to better understand potential sand reservoirs in the deep-water offshore. His research involves extensive fieldwork in Morocco focusing on stratigraphy, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and petrographic characterization of sedimentary facies. Renewed biostratigraphy has proven the presence of previously-unknown Jurassic rocks exposed in the Tarfaya Basin. This is allowing to refine models of evolution of the basin throughout the Mesozoic.

The PhD is supervised by Prof. Jonathan Redfern and Dr. Stefan Schroeder

Stunning exposure of Hameida El-Gueblia Section.

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