Leonardo Muniz-Pichel

PhD Student

PhD project: "Salt Tectonics and Fluid Flow: Insights from Seismic Interpretation and Discrete-Element Modelling."

Leonardo has a BsC in Geology from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) where he received a Top of the Class award in 2013. He was involved during his BsC in a 2-years project financed by ANP/Petrobras where he conducted seismic stratigraphic and structural interpretation combined with 3D structural modelling of the Rio do Peixe Basin, a rift-type basin on the NE of Brasil.

He is currently involved in a PhD project at the University of Manchester and part of NARG, studying the interplay between salt tectonics and sedimentation offshore Morocco and on the Santos Basin in Brazil. His work in Morocco is focused on the Essaouira-Agadir basin where he is using an extensive 2D regional seismic grid, well data and numerical modeling to analyse the distribution, timing and evolution of distinct salt-related structural styles along the margin and, ultimately, their effects on depocentre distribution, hydrocarbon migration and accumulation.

The PhD is supervised by Prof. Mads HuuseProf. Jonathan Redfern and Dr. Emma Finch

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Leonardo was President of the University of Manchester AAPG Student Chapter Committee 2016/17


Leonardo during joint NARG/STRAT Group field workshop, May 2016, Morocco.

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