Previous Staff and PostDocs

NameCurrent OrganisationResearch project
Dr Stephane Bodin Bochum University Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic Study of Early Cretaceous Nubian Equivalent: Messak and Sarir Fms, Libya.
Dr Guy Spence Independent Outcrop analogue models of fracture systems in carbonate reservoirs.
Dr Alvaro Jimenez Repsol Source Rock Hunter.
Dr Gianluca Badalini (BG) BG Group 3D architecture of submarine channel complexes, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt.
Dr Dorthe Hansen Statoil Submarine Slope Systems: 3D seismic interpretation of Mass transport complexes: Nile Delta.
Dr Sebastian Luning Galp Energia Based in Bremen University: Regional Source rocks studies, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia.
Dr Catherine Baudon Maternity break Structural evolution of Permo-Triassic basins in the High Atlas of Morocco, field study.
Dr Sebastian Frohlich Statoil The Carboniferous project: Sequence stratigraphy and potential reservoirs.
Dr Stefan Lubeseder Wintershall Third order sequence stratigraphic framework for the Palaeozoic reservoirs of North Africa.
Dr Ian Carr Worthing College Regional 2nd order Sequence Stratigraphic Project.
Dr Frank Lisker Bremen University FT Analysis - Ghadames Basin Study.
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