Completed PhDs

NameCurrent EmployerResearch projectFunding


PAD Ireland Uplift and exhumation history of the Illizi Basin, Algeria NARG Funded
Richard Newport Shell Dolomitisation of Cenomanian-Turonian, shallow-marine carbonates of the western Mediterranean and North Africa NARG sponsored
Laurent Petitpierre Statoil Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Early Carboniferous Marar Formation in Western Libya. NARG sponsored
Jonathan Wood Shell Sedimentological and Sequence Stratigraphic Study of Early Cretaceous Nubian Equivalent: Messak and Sarir Fms, Libya. NARG Sponsored
Gregg Pyke Oxy Controls on Reservoir Quality within the Cambro-Ordovician Sandstones of the Saharan Platform. NARG Funded
Myron Thomas Shell Sedimentology of the Miocene Nummidian Flysch, Sicily. NARG Sponsored
Nadine Mader Maersk Oil Sedimentology, third order sequence stratigraphy and controlling factors on facies distribution in the Triassic of North Africa. NARG Funded
Ruth Underdown Teacher Assessing the impact of regional unconformities on the maturation and migration of hydrocarbons within the Ghadames Basin, North Africa. NARG Funded
Stefan Lubeseder Wintershall Third order sequence stratigraphic framework for the Palaeozoic reservoirs of North Africa. NARG Funded
Ivan Fabuel Perez ExxonMobil 3D Modelling of (upper Triassic) Continental mixed fluvial systems integrating LiDAR with high resolution sedimentology of fluvial facies: High Atlas, Morocco. NARG Funded
Mustafa Karer Halliburton The Nubian sandstone and associated igneous activity: A basin evolution study of the Hameimat Trough, Sirt Basin, Libya.  
Vicky Catteral ExxonMobil Evolution and morphology or deepwater channels, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt. NERC/ BG Group NERC Case funded
Xavier Van Lanen Statoil Quantitative Outcrop Analysis/ Integrated Reservoir Modelling of Triassic Fluvial Facies, Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. Shell International
Tim Luber Equinor Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional System alon the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco. NARG Funded
Angel Arantegui Abercromby Family Practice Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional System alon the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco. NARG Funded
Mohammed Salem   Integrated Geophysical Interpretation and Reservoir Charactarisatoin of Dahra Platform, Kotla Graben, and Amin High, West Central Sirt Basin, Libya. NARG supported
Leonardo Muniz-Pichel Imperial College London Salt Tectonics and Fluid Flow: Insights from Seismic Interpretation and Discrete-Element Modelling NARG supported
Jianpeng Wang   Controlling factors on the distribution and quality of the Cenomanian/Turonian source rocks in Morocco. NARG supported
Aude Duval-Arnould The University of Manchester Jurassic Carbonate reservoir characterisation and evolution along the Atlantic Margin. NARG funded
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