NARG Early Cretaceous Integrated Stratigraphic Framework, Morocco, PhD Advert

Build an integrated stratigraphic framework and depositional model for the Berriasian to early Barremian interval, Morocco.

PhD-Project Outline: 

A fully funded PhD studentship to start in January 2018 to examine the evolution of Berriasian to Barremian interval of the Early Cretaceous depositional system that outcrops along the Atlantic margin of Morocco north of Agadir. The study will define a new biostratigraphic type section, integrating ammonite, calpionellid calcareous nannofossil and benthic foraminifera analysis, with C13/O18 isotope stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphic interpretation. It will focus on refining our understanding of the stratigraphic architecture, age relationships, paleogeography and facies trends across the margin. The work will involve extensive outcrop studies and also integrate data from existing wells (cuttings data and wireline log data).

A focus of the study will also be to characterise the coral buildups in the Hauterivian : provide improved age constraint, map their geometry and assess the significance and impact these buildups have on post Hauterivian paleogeography and palaeotopography. The project will also assess potential salt tectonic movements in relation with condensation and hiatuses that affects the early Lower Cretaceous sequences.
Integration will be made with work completed in Morocco by NARG on the younger Barremian to Aptian section and the results will be correlated to global type sections.

The Early Cretaceous is a potential reservoir for hydrocarbons offshore, and this work will further constrain the interval and refine models for the depositional system that controls deep-water reservoir development.

Full Project Title: The Early Cretaceous evolution on the Morocco Atlantic Margin: establishing an integrated stratigraphic framework and depositional model for the Berriasian to early Barremian interval.

Funding: Fully funded PhD studentship as part of the North Africa Research Group

Supervisors: Prof Jonathan Redfern, Dr Luc Bulot, Dr Stefan Schroeder, Prof Giovanni Bertotti

Start date: Jan 2018

Application submission deadline: 01.12.17

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Early Cretaceous Morocco PhD Advert

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