We have a strong team of experienced field geologists and specialists who can undertake regional fieldwork.

Geologist Seb Luning drilling into Palaeozoic sandstones, southern Libya.
Seb Lüning drilling into Palaeozoic sandstones, southern Libya. Photo by Steve Schulz.

We conduct mapping, outcrop logging and sampling, reservoir characterization, source rock studies and structural analysis. We have considerable experience working in remote locations in Morocco, Libya, Egypt and Algeria, and maintain strong contacts with local government organizations.

We are fully equipped to sample and log sections in detail. All our work is undertaken within a GIS framework for rapid data collection and integration into a client database. We also provide access to detailed satellite imagery if desired.

Field equipment available includes: GPS, Hand Held GR, LiDAR (Digital Mapping and 3D data acquisition). There is also the possibility of local shallow drilling for fresh samples.

We have access to world-class laboratory facilities around the UK and Europe. This allows for the provision of:

  • Thin sections;
  • SEM (Scanning electron Microscope);
  • XRD (X-ray diffraction);
  • Isotope Analysis;
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon);
  • Basin Modeling;
  • Petroleum System Modeling.

With our research record, NARG offers the potential to develop data collection into full research projects.

Examples of projects undertaken:

  • Client Woodside: Field seasons undertaken in the northern Murzuq basin, Libya. Regional satellite image analysis, outcrop data collection, sample analysis, final report. Client field workshop also provided.
  • Client Petro-Canada: Fieldwork undertaken in central Morocco as part of a regional block evaluation. Focusing on sampling potential reservoir horizons, source rocks and evaluating the structural evolution of the region. In conjunction with other consultants and Keele University.
  • Client Occidental: Two extensive field seasons in the southern and northern Murzuk Basin, extensive mapping, sample collection, analysis. Led fieldwork shop.; Detailed report and recommendations produced.
  • Client Woodside: Marar and Assejefar Fm Study, souther Ghadams Basin, Libya
  • Client Maersk: Morocco, fieldwork in the Atlas Basin, source rock sampling to identify potential Toarcian analogue for offshore Atlantic Margin.
  • Client EOG: Morocco, outcrop mapping, logging and sampling for shale gas source rock study, Tadla Basin, Morocco. Sample analysis and full evaluation of all available geochemical data. Basin modeling.
  • Client Pura Vida Energy: Source rock sampling and analysis, Fuerteventura.
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