NARG MRes Advert - Provenance of Cretaceous Sands, Senegal

Fully funded MRes studentship as part of the North Africa Research Group

MRes-Project Outline: 

A fully funded MRes studentship to start in September 2018 to examine the provenance of Early Cretaceous depositional systems along the Atlantic margin of Senegal. The project will contribute to our larger study examining the provenance and characterisation of Cretaceous sediments delivered into the Senegal Basin. Along strike variation in quantity and quality of sands controls reservoir distribution along the margin. To investigate sediment distribution and potential catchment areas, sampling has been carried out of outcrop and onshore and offshore core and cuttings data provided by Petrosen as part of the ongoing regional study.

The project will involve petrographic characterisation and heavy mineral analysis to determine the changes in provenance along the margin and predict areas of good reservoir sands. Comparison will be made with work being undertaken in Morocco, to examine the relationships of the Cretaceous depositional trends along the margin.

NARG has established at Manchester a new laboratory facility based on cryogenic density separation of heavy minerals using sodium polytungstate and liquid nitrogen. The project will have full access to these facilities along with the required sieving/crushing units to prepare the samples prior to separation. The project will also have access and training for the extensive identification and rock typing facilities at Manchester, including optical microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, SEM and QEMSCAN.

Full Project Title: Provenance of Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the West Africa Margin: Senegal

Funding: Fully funded PhD studentship as part of the North Africa Research Group

Supervisors: Prof Jonathan Redfern, Dr Stefan Schroeder, Prof Giovanni Bertotti

Start date: Sept 2018

Application submission deadline: 01.08.18

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Provenance Senegal MRes

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