Recent Publications

Recent publications

F. Rarity, X. M. T. van Lanen, D. Hodgetts, R. L. Gawthorpe, P. Wilson, I. Fabuel-Perez, and J. Redfern (2013), LiDAR-based digital outcrops for sedimentological analysis: workflows and techniques. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 387, doi:10.1144/SP387.5

Berrocoso, Álvaro Jiménez, Bodin S., Wood J., Calvert S.E., Mutterlose, J, Petrizzo M. R., Redfern J., 2013: Dynamic sedimentary conditions during periods of enhanced sequestration of organic carbon in the central southern Tethys at the onset of the Cenozoic global cooling. Sedimentary Geology. V 290, P60–84

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