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This page seeks to document conferences, meetings, fieldtrips, exhibitions etc that are related to the Petroleum Geology of North Africa. If you know of any events that are not advertised here, or would like to advertise your own event, please feel free to Email us.


Future Conferences

26 September -1 October 2010. Mendoza, Argentina.
18th International Sedimentological Congress
A strong experimental, theoretical and outcrop based programme will be held under the banner of "sedimentology at the foot of the Andes".
Programme download (pdf) | Website link


23-25 November 2010. Earls Court, London, UK
PETEX annual meeting
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13-17 December 2010. Moscone Convention centre, San Fransisco. USA
American Geophysical Union Fall meeting

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19-21 December 2010. National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. UK
British Sedimentological Research Group annual meeting
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12-13 January 2011. Manchester University, UK
Naturally Fractured Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of North Africa - Outcrop Analogues, Subsurface Studies and Case Histories. (North Africa Research Group Workshop series)
Programme download (pdf)


23-25 February 2011. Burlington House, London. UK
New and Emerging Plays in the Eastern Mediterranean
The Petroleum Group, the Geological Society of London
Website link


28-30 March 2011. Tripoli, Libya
5th North African Mediterranean Petroleum and Geosciences Conference and Exhibition
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23-26 May 2011. Vienna, Austria
73rd EAGE Conference and Exhibition (incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2011)
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25-28 June 2011, Houston, U.S.A
AAPG Annual convention and exhibition
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5-8 July 2011. Zaragoza, Spain.
28th IAS meeting of Sedimentology
Programme download (pdf) | Website link


4-7 June 2012. Copenhagen, Denmark
74th EAGE Conference and Exhibition (incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2011)
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19-21 April 2006, London, UK
The Petroleum Systems of Saharan Africa

The Saharan conference (pdf), was held at the Geological society, London, co convened by the North Africa Research Group, and the Geological Society Petroleum Group. The 2 day event was a great success with over 110 attendees, and a waiting list on top of that! All talks were warmly received and general opinion suggested they were enjoyed as well. The 7 sessions included;

- Regional PerspectivesSaharan Africa photo
- Understanding Petroleum migration, (Basin studies 1 and 2)
- Developments in Stratigraphy
- Tectonic Controls on Petroleum Systems
- Reservoir Architecture and Depositional models
- Developments in exploration
- Trapping styles and Play types


Talks by the North Africa Research Group included;

- 3D modeling of continental mixed fluvial/aeolian systems integrating "LIDAR" digital outcrop images with high resolution sedimentology of fluvial facies: Upper Triassic, High Atlas, Morocco.
- Hydrocarbon Maturation history of the Ghadames Basin, North Africa: The influence of Exhumation and Erosion.
- Complex controls on facies architecture of Upper Triassic fluvio-aeolian sandstone reservoirs in NW Africa: lessons learned from outcrop studies in Morocco (Argana Valley) in comparison to subsurface data from Algeria.
- Mass - transport - complex and Channel - Levee system interaction: Examples from the offshore Nile Delta.

The conference drew people from exploration and production companies in the region, together with leading academic institutions and consultancy groups.


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